“You are here to make a dent in the universe.”

– Steve Jobs –

Hi. I’m Andrew Wayfinder — architect turned therapist turned ‘deep mind’ coach and intuitive guide — and I help accomplished, ambitious (and caring) people who want to make a better world…

“Almost there…” sucks

You can see your vision — the changes you want to make — dancing at the edges of possibility.

But there’s so much more you could be doing. And you see is needed.

There are real problems to solve, real people to help, and real work (your work) to do.

And you’ve come too far to let turf wars, back-stabbers and BS politics and pettiness get in your way.

You know it —

And your “still, small voice” knows it too…

The problem?

You don’t let your light really shine.

You know better, but you still doubt, second-guess and hold yourself back

And then watch as less skilled, less caring, less visionary people get bad ideas, and self-serving projects, off the ground and running.

(How do they get away with it? And still sleep at night?)

Or maybe you’ve got the position, and your inner voice is saying “This isn’t it, keep looking.”

But you’re scared that listening to your voice — to your ‘calling’, to your ‘purpose’, or being ‘spiritual’ — means giving up everything you’ve worked so hard to get.

The bad news?

Waking up to your life’s purpose is scary, exciting and can feel impossible (all at once.)

The good news?

This is a “wake-up” call from the universe, and part of your soul’s journey —

And all the power and help you need is in your hands…

That is, once you learn how to connect with your call, and with your deepest self.

And that’s what I help you do.

I help you tap your inner wisdom, power and flow (even if this is new for you) so you are crystal clear and confident—

…In who you are.

…In why you are here.

…In what you have to give to the world.

Imagine being confident and clear about your vision, your ideas and your purpose.

Seeing the heart of any decision clearly, and knowing the best way to go.

Following your inner compass… sharing your ideas with clarity and power… expecting help, cooperation and success… and getting it.

All because you know — you have the inner wisdom, power, and peace to do your best work — for yourself, for everyone you love, and for the dent you want to make!

If this is what you want, I can help you.

Working with modern psychology, ancient spirituality, and my own awakening journey, I guide you beyond fear, ego, doubt or self-sabotage…

To discover your soul’s purpose, power and meaning.

You are a vital note in life’s dance and play… imagine playing it with grace, ease and flow?

Connect with me here to see how and if I can help you.


“Amazing and mind opening…” — Bruce Hurd, Startup CEO

“Astounding, challenging, liberating… A seismic change…” — Dilys Rees, Artist

“If you want transformation, real transformation, go see Andrew…” — Alli Shaw-Hopkins, VP

“My progress has been staggering…” — Alex Bastien, Yoga Instructor

“I lifted 40 years in a few hours…” — Rosa McCormick, Writer

“Better than 20 years of therapy, and bloody good fun…” — ‘CJ’ Freeman, Singer-Producer

“Worked on a profound level for me…” — Helen Rund

“Nothing in London compares to these workshops…” — Lexie Octavia, Model

“Gifted, knowledgeable, wise and compassionate…” — Cathy Dixon, Consultant

“Intense, clarifying and cleansing…loved it…” — Leah A, Executive

“I gained knowledge I will treasure for ever…” — Vicky Cooper

“Fun, inspiring, uplifting…” — Emily S, Producer

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