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Panel Discussion #1

TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 2021 9-10am Los Angeles | 12-1pm New York | 5-6pm London



Negotiation & Communication Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

A serial entrepreneur and guest lecturer at multiple universities, Alistair McBride is an expert on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.

Alistair coaches and trains executives and business owners in software, law, aviation, telecoms, corporate finance (and more.)

In the past few years he helps his clients gain the Psychological Edge in Negotiation with his 'Goliath Negotiation Method', adding the human element back into effective agreements.

Al's website:

Al's gift: Negotiation Mini-course


Coach, Author, Speaker

From flipping hamburgers on Main Street to leading HR for Wall Street, Paul Larsen has continually reinvented his leadership voice throughout his life, to thrive within the uncertainty of our ever-chaotic world.

As someone who thrives with his Imposter Syndrome, Paul now coaches top performers in all walks of life to pivot them from the fear of feeling like a fake or fraud and living from the golden mindset of strength and inspiration.

Paul's website:

Paul's gift: a digital copy of 'Find Your VOICE As A Leader'


Wisdom Teacher, Founder of Access to Awareness

Born in Algeria, educated in Morocco and France, with a career in the USA and UK, Sophie McLean has been a helicopter pilot, teacher, designer, relief worker, war refugee, CEO, and UN representative on The Commission on the Status of Women’s Hunger Project.

Sophie has been shot at, shipwrecked, and widowed. Lived on a farm, a boat, a penthouse, and in an ashram.

As a wisdom teacher, Sophie has spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world. She is the author of the book 'The Elegance of Simplicity,' and offers transformational courses and one-on-one work.

Sophie's website:

Sophie's gift: Call Of The Soul Course

Panel Discussion #2

TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 2021 12-1pm Los Angeles | 3-4pm New York | 8-9pm London

NOTE: There is a bit of distortion at the beginning (we couldn't edit it all out) but it's gone after 3-4 minutes :-)

NOTE: There is a bit of distortion at the beginning (we couldn't edit it all out) but it's gone after 3-4 minutes :-)


Out Of The Box Executive & Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker

Author of "BEyond: Leadership from AwareLess to AwareNess", Noa Ronen first developed her Dare Leadership Model as a coach in the Israeli Navy helping young officers make ‘life and death’ decisions.

Now she is a vlogger, disrupter and coffee lover who helps Founders and Leaders, Teams and Boards create meaningful change in a changing world.

Noa's website:

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Performance Coach, Leadership Consultant, Author & Speaker

After 20 years as a banker in Silicon Valley--becoming VP at Citibank and First Republic bank--Anthony Metten got a MS degree in Counselling Psychology and Career Development.

Since 2007, his consulting company has helped clients with business turnaround, growth, strategic planning, leadership and performance development.

Including Adobe, Facebook, Gap, Apple, JPMorgan, PayPal, Cisco, the city of San Jose, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown University, and more.

Anthony's website:

Anthony's gift: 30 minute free Discovery session


PR Executive, Leadership Coach & Consultant, Speaker, Columnist

After 25 years in leadership roles with Ogilvy & Mather, Adams & Reinhardt, Marina Maher Communications, Ken Jacobs set up his consultancy firm 10 years ago to help PR and Communication agencies. 

Now Ken helps his top agency clients win more business, make more profit, improve client services, team performance, communications, and leadership.

Ken's website:

Ken's gift: free ebook 'How to Lead The Leaders On Your Team'

Panel Discussion #3

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 2021 12-1pm Los Angeles | 3-4pm New York | 8-9pm London



Speaker, Author, Communication Expert

Bonnie Marcus is an award winning entrepreneur, Forbes writer, executive coach, author, speaker, and podcast host of "Badass At Any Age".

An advocate for women’s advancement, Bonnie empowers women to overcome hurdles and own their power.

Bonnie also helps professional women navigate highly charged political environments to get ahead.

Bonnie's website:



Chief Learning Officer, GamePlan Leader

Mark Heydt is a talent expert, author, and executive coach focused on helping elevate leadership and rescuing corporate exhausted heroes.

Mark has 20 years experience coaching talent in Fortune 500 companies and growing startups.

Mark's website:


Executive Coach, CEO Managing Your Mind Coaching & Seminars, Author, Speaker

Dr. Geri Markel is an expert on distraction, focus and productivity in life and work.

A professor at the U of Michigan, consultant for Ford, Merrill Lynch, Disney, Time Warner and more, Geri helps high achievers master stress, distraction, disorganization and forgetfulness.

Her latest books are “Defeating the Demons of Distraction” and “Actions Against Distraction.”

Geri's website:

Geri's Gift: Defeating The Demons Of Distraction


Panel Discussion #4

THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 2021 12-1pm Los Angeles | 3-4pm New York | 8-9pm London



Core Coach & Trainer

Lauren Sweeny is a coach and trainer with Rise Up For You, a global leadership & company culture consultancy.

Lauren loves working with companies and individuals on leadership, confidence and business development.

Her passion is supporting professionals in showing up as their best with a brand that matches their values.

Lauren's website:

Lauren's gift: 'Take The Stage'


CEO, Author, Teacher, Speaker, Leadership Consultant

Retired Army officer David Veech has written two best selling books and founded two global consulting firms.

David uses his powerful 'Love, Learn, and Let Go' model with companies and government agencies around the world to create engaged, high trust and high performing teams that produce breakthrough results.

David's website:

 David's gift: Free consultation


Psychologist, Adaptability Expert, Executive Coach, Speaker

Dr. Yishai’s is an expert on adaptability in business and leadership.

Leveraging his deep psychological training and experience, Dr. Yishai helps entrepreneurs and business leaders make adaptability their superpower.

As an executive coach and speaker, Dr. Yishai helps entrepreneurs and leadership tap into the human brain’s unique adaptability to transform challenges and exhaustion into energy, excitement, and excellence for themselves and their businesses.

Yishai's website:

Yishai's gift: Destiny Awakening


Discussion Moderator, Podcast Host, Executive Mentor, Speaker 

Andrew is on a mission to make our careers and lives more fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful in our changing and challenging world.

Since 2011, he has used his unique background (as an architect, psychotherapist, shamanic healer) to help executives and leaders (in corporate, creative, academic and scientific settings) create lives and careers of purpose, meaning and impact.


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