Free Your Soul shows you how to recover your soul's true path – in just 3 days – even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

Based on a real-life story, using the wisdom of humanity's most ancient healing traditions, find out exactly how you can 'discover your destiny'.

This life-changing book shows you how to:

  • Live your purpose so you don’t “die with your song still in you…“
  • Follow your deepest dreams and desires (for the rest of your life.)
  • Use your inner wisdom and vision to be safe and guided all areas of life.
  • Save yourself years of frustration and struggle with ancient healing secrets that change your life 'at the soul level'.

Andrew Wayfinder – spiritual adventurer, philosopher, psychotherapist, deep mind teacher and guide – helps searching women and men reconnect with your soul's destiny, power and purpose.

And transform your life for ever…

Explore these possibilities as well.

The beginner circle meets every week or two to learn "journeying", the basic skill of a shaman.

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Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist)

Shamanic Healer & Guide. Psychotherapist. Executive Career Coach.

A modern-day wizard-healer-guide, Andrew is the ‘hidden power behind the throne’ for his students and clients around the world.

As a renaissance man, philosopher, flaneur... Andrew explores life's meaning, purpose and evolution every way he knows how.

And, like his heroes (Odysseus and Gandalf the Grey) he’s visited the ends of the earth, consorted with gods, and brought back wisdom, power and gifts to share with the world.

A life-long gourmet and bon-vivant, Andrew is often found sharing good food, red wine or fine coffee, and funny or wise stories for any occasion.