You are here to love and be loved,

and to help life grow…


What I do is what I see.

And I see many ‘highly successful’ people struggling with blocks, hurts (and even dreams) they don’t dare talk about.


The men and women I work with are open-minded, searching, adventurous, brilliant, determined, gentle, enthusiastic and creative.

Above all, they are aching to feel love at the deepest level… to share their lives with a passionate lover, trusted partner and best friend… and to   

However, their very strengths can create problems that hold them back

Behind a confident, polished persona thoughts like “I don’t belong” or “I’m not good enough”, or feeling unloved and unsupported, sabotages their deepest instincts and desires.

A desire to help everyone leaves them overwhelmed by too many demands… and they forget to ask for the love, help and care they deserve.

A creative and gentle nature allows bad behavior to slide… which can open the door to being ignored, bullied (and even abused)… and some even give up on finding the love and connection they desire so deeply. 

But, sadly, they often feel they can’t even admit to having problems (or hopes and dreams). Or get help for them…

I can promise you this — you are surrounded by much more love and hope than you can possibly imagine.

And you are here to give… and get love… in the ways that only you can do.

Because the world needs you to be in love.  With you. With It. With everyone.

Hi. I’m Andrew Wayfinder and I help men and women who have given up on love heal their wounded hearts so they are free to find the love of their lives…

A spiritual and intellectual adventurer, I’ve spent my life like Odysseus going to the ends of the known world and sailing off it… always looking to meet the gods to get their help and favour so I can return home to nurture, love and protect my family and my world.

Which has taken me very far from where I started…

My parents (WWII vet, engineer/businessman dad and Missouri ‘Show Me’ state mom) were educated, practical, rational people who taught us to keep our feet on the ground.

(As a kid, the weirdest thing I could imagine was a pickle-anchovy-salami ice-cream cone — yum… all my favorite foods in one place.)

In 1985 though, an ‘awakening’ in a Greek olive grove “blew my mind” and showed me the universe was so much richer and bigger than I’d ever thought possible.

Cue 20+ years of yoga, Tai-Chi, Qui-Gong, meditation (and almost every ‘ism’ out there) trying to “put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.”

And to integrate this vision into my ‘normal’ life as an architect, builder and ecological designer

In 2001, as I turned 40, my mother died after 7 years of cancer and the wheels came off my life.

A major ‘It-feels-like-I’m-loosing-my-mind’ depression and crash. Years of ‘issues’ I’d struggled with (ie ‘swept under the rug’) had to be faced.

So I did. (Therapy 3X week, EMDR, hypnosis, bodywork and (almost) anything to get my life back on track.)

Four years (and $42,460) later I was flying high — happy, my issues all “resolved” (I thought), and I was becoming a psychotherapist to help others in the ways I’d been helped.

But in 2008, though, another crisis… a real “dark night of the soul”… blew my world apart (again.)

“Something else” was going on.

And it was something much deeper than psychology or therapy could deal with (which I’d also seen with some of my clients and their patterns.)

This catapulted me into shamanism — humanity’s oldest wisdom seeking and healing tradition — where I uncovered and changed patterns, fears and pains that all those years (and 10,000s of dollars) of therapy hadn’t touched.

At first I used these tools just for myself…

But, eventually, I realized the shamanic tools were more powerful than my psychology tools and more aligned with my own gifts and purpose.

So I got more training (in the US and UK) and then, in 2011, I closed my therapy practice to focus on spiritual and intuition based help, healing and guidance for my clients and students.

Academic & Professional

BA GENERAL LIBERAL ARTS. St Johns College, Annapolis MD

THOMAS J WATSON FELLOW. One year post-graduate study & travel tracing Greek myths. Greece, Turkey, Italy, France

M. ARCH & ECOLOGICAL DESIGN. San Francisco Institute of Architecture, San Francisco, CA; UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, Berkeley CA; University of Maryland School of Architecture, College Park MD

HG DIP (DISTINCTION). Human Givens College, Chalvington, UK

ADVANCED SHAMANIC HEALING TRAINING. Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Mill Valley, CA


"Why am I even here?"

On this page? Only you know what brought you here…

In this lifetime? Well I’d say it’s because your soul has come here to do/learn/share/create something that only you can do…

"Where are you from?"

I grew up in Puerto Rico (tropics) and Sweden (far north).

Polish father + American mother + 2 sisters + 1 brother + lots of dogs.

I’ve lived and worked in Annapolis, Washington DC, Baltimore, Berkeley, Paris, Santa Fe, Lisbon, Sarasota, London.

You figure it out. I’ve stopped trying ;-)…

"If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?"

Learn to ask for help.

 life is part of much larger patterns than we normally realize. And 
you’re surrounded by vast sources of power, wisdom and concern.

When you 
learn how to connect with it, everything changes…

“The bird of heaven flies to paradise on two wings.
One of them is self-effort. The other is grace.”
– Traditional Sufi Saying –

"Are you currently accepting private clients?"

I work with a small number of clients at any time. We work in 1-to-1 coaching/mentoring or a mix of small group and 1-to-1 sessions. It depends on what you need.

Go here to see if I’m available and how I can help.

"Who is this for?"

People mostly come to me because:

1. Their hair is on fire (a breakup or betrayal, psycho boss or workplace, illness or death.)

2. An “oh shit” moment (you’ve got the job, made the deal, started the project… now what?)

3. “Something’s missing…” (you’re looking at your success and you realize this isn’t why you’re here.)

"Any guilty pleasures?"

‘White knight’ loner crime series (Harry Bosch, Travis McGee, Jack Reacher) or detective series with local food and culture (Montalbano, Donna Leon.)

Jane Austen’s novels.

Dark chocolate and red wine (they’re medicinal aren’t they?)

A movie in the middle of a workday.

A proper scone with clotted cream and jam.

"Your odd interests and superpowers?"

I can read a recipe and taste the dish like I’m eating it. When I was learning to cook, I’d 
read cookbooks cover to cover, like novels. (And still do.)

My superpower in scrabble and boggle is obscure agricultural terms like leat or diddle. (Though my memory doesn’t find them as quickly…)

"What now?"

If you want to work with me, go here to set up a consultation so I can understand your situation and see if you’re ready to work this way.

Get more help

The way we work together is simple.

We talk. You reconnect with your heart and your soul. And your life transforms.

What happens in a session, and why, is ultimately a mystery.

To discover if this way is for you, have a ‘True Love’ session.

It’s intense. It’s real. It’s deep.

And your first session is free.

For some people, this session changes their life and it’s all they need.

For other people, this session changes their life. And… they want more.

Either way, our time together is my gift to you.

But be aware — connecting to your power and vision is like lassoing a whale. There is no turning back…

Step into the joy and the grace of finding your own true love.