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Hello I'm 

Andrew Wayfinder

A shamanic practitioner and creator of the Wayfinder Awakening Journey™, Elements Emotional Clearing I help maxxed out, stressed out, unhappy executives and professionals create careers and lives they love. 

I’ve facilitated thousands of sessions for clients to have personal breakthroughs in love, relationships, career, money and success.

I'm often asked “How on earth did you get started with all this?”

Before my journey into shamanism, I spent decades practicing yoga, tai-chi and meditation while balancing my career as an architect and ecological designer. In 2001, the same year I turned 40, my mother died after a long battle with cancer. This huge personal loss plunged me into deep depression, feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

Over the next 4 years, I pursued multiple therapy, bodywork, hypnosis, EMDR and a range of healing modalities to reset my life. This also paved the way to me becoming a psychotherapist to help others overcome life altering adversities.

Just when I thought I'd ‘healed’ and ‘resolved’ all my hidden issues, another major personal crisis in 2008 blew my world into pieces. This time though, I knew this ‘dark night of the soul’ was more intense, and therapy was not the answer.

This catapulted me into shamanism — humanity’s oldest wisdom seeking and healing tradition. I completed the Advanced Shamanic Healing Training program from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in California, US. I started applying the teachings in my own life and healed patterns and pains that years and tens of thousands of dollars of therapy couldn’t address.

Therapy is good for a psychological issues, shamanism unlocks your hidden spiritual resources

I started using powerful shamanic tools with my clients who also had giant energetic shifts in their lives. Deep traumas (from abusive relationships, personal loss, career setbacks) and other intense challenges were transformed by the healing powers of shamanic journeys and healing.

Their anxieties and fears were gone, replaced by profound feelings of being fully connected and supported by spirit helpers. They were now getting more done in less time, and they were responding to life with ease and flow.

Since 2011, I have guided over 2,000 sessions with clients and their spirit helpers in one-to-one and group settings. By using a combination of ancient shamanic tools such as soul retrieval, ancestral healing, spirit guide channeling and clearing blockages in the mind, nervous system and body, I facilitate deep healing and subconscious shifts for clients, leading them to discover inner peace, abundance and grace.

“Your work sounds like you must be some kind of a mystical

superhero! What do you do for fun?”

Stories are my passion! I love reading and learning new ideas in philosophy, science and history. I’ve been a gourmet cook since age 13 and enjoy entertaining friends at home. When London's weather allows, I'm out on long walks, riding bikes and practicing Qui Gong. I also love art and architecture, so I'm often at the Tate, The Royal Academy and other galleries, and I feel lucky to live in a city with so many beautiful buildings, parks and gardens.

Helping causes I care about is important to do

I support the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and sponsor an orphaned girl in Guatemala I met while my sister was adopting her children. After my girlfriend Carrina died of cancer, I started sponsoring guide dogs for the blind in her memory, as well as supporting the Battersea Cats and Dogs Shelter for the last 10 years.

Being able to donate to causes like these, and work with incredible clients is why I love what I do. That’s why, I’m on a mission to heal the world.

“If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?”

Be a master of asking for help.

Your life is part of much larger patterns than we normally realise. And you’re surrounded by vast sources of power, wisdom, and support.

When you learn how to connect with this power, everything changes…

What’s next?

If you’ve read this far, resonate with my message and would like my support, the next step is to find out how the transformation will work. Set up a breakthrough call with me and together we’ll uncover hidden challenges keeping you from living your greatest life, start connecting with your spirit power and wisdom and go from there.

Academic & Professional

BA. General Liberal Arts. St Johns College, Annapolis MD

Thomas J Watson Fellow. One year post-graduate study tracing Greek myths. Greece, Turkey, Italy, France.

M. Arch & Ecological Design. San Francisco Institute of Architecture, San Francisco, CA.  UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, Berkeley, CA.  UM School of Architecture, College Park MD.

HG Dip (Distinction) Human Givens College, Chalvington, UK.

Advanced Shamanic Healing. Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Mill Valley, CA

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