Here’s What It’s All About

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I used to love work, but all I feel now is upset, angry, frustrated, desperate. (I want to quit, but what if it gets worse?)”
    • “I spend my day chasing people to get stuff done, picking up the pieces, trying to figure out what’s right and do it—but nobody cares, or backs me up.”
      • “At the end of the day (and week) I’m worn out—I’ve lost track of my passions, I don’t have time for myself and I’ve shut down on having fun (including romance.)”
        • “I’m fed up with the politics, personal agendas, financial claptrap. I’ve done it for 20 years, and I want to do something more creative, more meaningful and more spiritual.”

        If so, you’ve come to the right place.

        Hi, I’m Andrew, and I help professionals and executives create a career and life you will love (for the rest of your life.)

        After 10 years as a career mentor, I’ve learned EXACTLY what it takes to create work people love, that makes a difference, and is meaningful—and I want to help you do the same.


        • Going to work excited and energised. You love work because you get things done, you make a difference, and your skills and ideas are recognised and being used.
          • You work with a collaborative, fun, happy team—and you’re surrounded by smart people who are making good stuff happen.
            • You’re supported, rewarded and appreciated for your work. And you have the time to enjoy your life, along with the money to do it the way you want to.

            I’m here to help you love what you do.

            When you love your work, you love your life. And when you  love life, everything in your life is BETTER—your career, your relationships, and every other area of your life.

            Are you ready to make it happen?

            Here’s what to do next:

            If you don’t yet have my guide “The Maxed-Out Professional’s Guide To Life” sign-up for it below and start living a career and a life you love.

            PS And if you already have the guide, and want to figure out your next best step to create a career you love, book a free no-obligation ‘Love Your Career’ consultation at the bottom of the page.

            A brief bio…

            Like Odysseus, I’ve spent my life going to the ends of the known world

            And then sailing off it to meet the gods and get their help so I could return home to love and nurture my family and my world.

            Which took me very far from where I started.

            My parents (WWII vet, engineer/businessman dad and Missouri ‘Show Me’ state mom) were educated, practical, ‘feet-on-the-ground’ kind of people.

            In 1985 I spent a year studying and tracing ancient myths in Greece and Turkey.

            And one night, I had an ‘awakening’ experience that showed me reality was not what I thought it was…

            … Cue 20+ years of yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, mystical studies (and more) trying to “put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.”

            And to integrate that vision into my ‘normal’ life as an architect, builder and ecological designer

            Then, in 2001, as I turned 40, my mother died after 7 years of cancer and the wheels came off my life.

            A major ‘It-feels-like-I’m-loosing-my-mind’ depression and crash where years of ‘issues’ I’d avoided had to be faced.

            So I did. (Therapy 3X week, EMDR, hypnosis, bodywork… anything to get my life back on track.)

            Four years (and $42,460) later I was happy, my issues “resolved”, and I had become a psychotherapist to help others in the ways I’d been helped.

            But in 2008, though, another crisis… a real “dark night of the soul”… blew my world apart (again.)

            “Something else” was going on.

            And it was deeper than anything therapy could deal with (which I’d seen with clients as well.)

            This catapulted me into shamanism—humanity’s oldest wisdom seeking and healing tradition—where I healed patterns and pains that years (and $10,000s) of therapy hadn’t touched.

            At first I used these methods for myself…

            But, in time, I saw the shamanic tools were more powerful than psychology and could help my client better and faster.

            So I got more training (in the UK and US) and, in 2011, I closed my therapy practice to focus on spiritual and intuition based help, healing and guidance for my clients and students.

            Academic & Professional

            BA. GENERAL LIBERAL ARTS. St Johns College, Annapolis MD

            THOMAS J WATSON FELLOW. One year post-graduate study & travel tracing Greek myths. Greece, Turkey, Italy, France

            M. ARCH & ECOLOGICAL DESIGN. San Francisco Institute of Architecture, San Francisco, CA; UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, Berkeley CA; UM School of Architecture, College Park MD

            HG DIP (DISTINCTION). Human Givens College, Chalvington, UK

            ADVANCED SHAMANIC HEALING TRAINING. Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Mill Valley, CA


            "Why am I even here?"
            On this page? Only you know what brought you here…

            In this lifetime? Well I’d say it’s because your soul has come here to do, to learn, to share, to create something that only you can do…

            "Where are you from?"
            I grew up in Puerto Rico (tropics) and Sweden (far north).

            Polish father + American mother + 2 sisters + 1 brother + lots of dogs.

            I’ve lived and worked in Annapolis, Washington DC, Baltimore, Berkeley, Paris, Santa Fe, Lisbon, Sarasota, London.

            You figure it out. I’ve stopped trying ;-)…

            "If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?"
            Learn to ask for help.

 life is part of much larger patterns than we normally realize. And 
you’re surrounded by vast sources of power, wisdom and concern.

            When you 
learn how to connect with it, everything changes…

            “The bird of heaven flies to paradise on two wings.
            One of them is self-effort. The other is grace.”
            – Traditional Sufi Saying –

            "Are you currently accepting private clients?"
            I work with a small number of clients at any time. We work in 1-to-1 coaching/mentoring or a mix of small group and 1-to-1 sessions. It depends on what you need.

            Go here to book a consultation.

            "Who is this for?"

            People mostly come to me because:

            1. Their hair is on fire (a breakup or betrayal, psycho boss or workplace, illness or death.)

            2. An “oh shit” moment (you’ve got the job, made the deal, started the project, got married, had the baby…) but now what are you going to do?

            3. “Something’s missing…” (you’re looking at your success and you realize this isn’t why you’re here.)

            "Any guilty pleasures?"
            ‘White knight’ loner crime series (Harry Bosch, Travis McGee, Jack Reacher) or detective series with local food and culture (Montalbano, Donna Leon.)

            Jane Austen’s novels.

            Dark chocolate and red wine (they’re medicinal aren’t they?)

            A movie in the middle of a workday.

            A proper scone with clotted cream and jam.

            "Your odd interests and superpowers?"
            I can read a recipe and taste the dish like I’m eating it. When I was learning to cook, I’d 
read cookbooks cover to cover, like novels. (And still do.)

            My superpower in scrabble and boggle is obscure agricultural terms like leat or diddle. (Though my memory doesn’t find them as quickly…)

            "What now?"

            If you want to work with me, go here to set up a consultation so we can see how you can move forwards and if I can help you.

            Create a career and life you love!

            Find what you love now. I regularly schedule free 30-minute 'Love Your Career' consultations


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