Welcome to the Advanced Circle! 

The advanced circle increases your ability to get help, power, guidance and healing from spiritual realms (aka “non-ordinary“ reality.)

Each circle has a theme where you learn how to:

 Go deeper into other dimension of the upper, lower and middle worlds.

Meet your spirit helpers and power animals, and learn how to work with them.

Expand your knowledge of your non-ordinary landscapes.

Use and draw on your spiritual connections in every day life.

Visit places of wisdom, power and healing to get what you need.


The circle follows the same format each time.

  1. Settle into the space and pass the talking stick with our intention for the evening.
  2. Call in spirit and open sacred space.
  3. Explain and do the journeys/topics of the evening.
  4. Share your experiences in groups of 2 or 3 people.
  5. Close sacred space and end the ceremony.

Now you are a skilled journeyer, you can explore these possibilities.

Go here to learn "journeying", the basic skill of a shaman.

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Discover how to unlock and follow 'your life purpose'. 

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Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist)

Shamanic Healer & Guide. Psychotherapist. Executive Career Coach.

A modern-day wizard-healer-guide, Andrew is the ‘hidden power behind the throne’ for his students and clients around the world.

As a renaissance man, philosopher, flaneur... Andrew explores life's meaning, purpose and evolution every way he knows how.

And, like his heroes (Odysseus and Gandalf the Grey) he’s visited the ends of the earth, consorted with gods, and brought back wisdom, power and gifts to share with the world.

A life-long gourmet and bon-vivant, Andrew is often found sharing good food, red wine or fine coffee, and funny or wise stories for any occasion.