The Art Of Vibrancy With Longevity Health Coach Rob Bee (Destiny Awakening Interviews #3) - Andrew Wayfinder
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The Art Of Vibrancy With Longevity Health Coach Rob Bee (Destiny Awakening Interviews #3)

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  • Discover how to start your day right, to have energy, clarity and power all day long...
  •  Learn about the importance of flexibility, optimism, and being able to change...
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Are you feeling your age? Do you find you're not able to do as much, lacking energy, slowing down compared to before? And would you like to do something about it? 

Rob Bee is a longevity health coach who helps men and women continue to thrive and grow as they step into the second half of their lives.

After "retiring" from his career as a professional musician, Rob returned to university at age 50 to get a degree in Art Theory and Practice. And now, almost 20 years later, he co-runs and manages an art gallery while still collaborating in experimental improvisational art and music projects. 

Throughout his life and work, Rob has studied the relationship between health, longevity and creativity. And he's developed his Art Of Vibrancy method, which he's teaching to clients who want to live a life and leave a legacy of boldness, diversity, and adventure.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 03:16 – Rob's ideal client: "Well, the people who come to me are people who are starting to feel their age, they're starting to become aware of their age..."
  • 05:32 – His client's biggest challenge: "We get stuck in our ways. Old bad habits, which you've just done forever, and you think it's normal. And it might be something that isn't good for you.."
  • 07:38 – Al's #1 insight to help you: "Well, one thing that people could start to do straight away is, before breakfast, go outdoors...."
  • 10:32 – What concept, book, program or talk impacted you the most: "'Raw Energy by Leslie and Susanna Kenton."
  • 11:48 – Rob's valuable free resource, the Breakfast Of Brilliance:
  • 15:32 – Al's last thoughts: "I think life is full of ups and downs. We, even the person who you see all the time, bright and happy, he has bad days or she has bad days..."


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Andrew Hryniewicz 0:08

So, Hi everyone and a very warm welcome to another edition of the Destiny Insurrection Interviews. I'm Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz and I'm joined today by Rob Bee who's a musician, artist, cyclist, enthusiast, poet and optimist. A very warm welcome to you, Rob. And where are you hanging out today?

Rob Bee 0:26

Hi, Andrew. Great to be here. I'm in the out in the countryside in a little village called Barbin, which is just on the edge of the English Lake District. It's beautiful this morning.

Andrew Hryniewicz 0:38

Oh, amazing. Yeah. And I see I've noticed from your bio that you were a professional musician, and you actually lived in the states around with Tennessee around them. Yeah,

Rob Bee 0:48

I lived in Nashville for two years. Well, we were based in Nashville, but I toured all over the country. Mm hmm. Okay, I didn't 36 different states. So Wow. Got around. Yeah. A lot of time on the road. It was. That's I could talk forever about that experience. But yeah, no idea.

Andrew Hryniewicz 1:08

Well, but it's interesting, though, because I think there is something about professional musicians because I knew a guy some years professional musician years ago, who had to develop an exercise routine to stay fit in those conditions. Right, which he eventually marketed under the title. Look good naked at any age.

Rob Bee 1:30

Ah, you know, I think I've come across that

Andrew Hryniewicz 1:33

you might even know the guy.

Rob Bee 1:35 Yes. I don't remember his name. So that rings a bell? I seem to know about that. Yeah,

Andrew Hryniewicz 1:41

So... that's a perfect segue into your work, and the art of health. So Rob is the founder of The and the creator of The Art of Vibrancy method. And for 49 years, he's helped 1000s of people in six countries to live more vital, positive and creative lives.

Andrew Hryniewicz 2:04

And as a professional, former professional musician, Rob performed on stages around the world before he "retired". In retirement, he went back to university at the age of 50, to get a degree in art theory and practice. He also co runs and manages an art gallery and collaborates still in experimental improvisational art and music projects.

Andrew Hryniewicz 2:28

In this process, and time, he's become fascinated with the relationship between health, longevity, creativity. And he's developed his Art Of Vibrancy method, which he's teaching to clients who want to live a life and leave a legacy of boldness, diversity, and adventure.

Andrew Hryniewicz 2:47

So thank you, Rob, for your time today. And the title today is "The Art of Vibrancy". And Rob is going to show us how to live on purpose, with health and energy right to the end in six questions.

Rob Bee 3:02

All right, fire away, Andrew, I'm ready for this.

Andrew Hryniewicz 3:05

So Rob, your time starts now. The first question, Who is your ideal client? And what is the transformation you help them achieve?

Rob Bee 3:16

Right, my ideal client? Well, the people who come to me are people who are starting to feel their age, they're starting to become aware of their age. There may be suddenly, when you're in the first half of your life, you think you're gonna live forever, and you don't treat yourself very well. Perhaps this, I'm sure a lot of your audience will identify with this. And then there comes a time when you realize there's less time left than you've had. So maybe it's time to do something about it.

Rob Bee 3:51

And that's the the crux of the people, the people who come on my program is people who have become aware that they'd like to do something about it that, they'd like to improve their health and their well being. And so they're looking for a way to actually do that.

Rob Bee 4:11

The transform the transformation, which I create is something to behold. People go from being thinking, "Oh well, I've got to this age, and I'll wait till it die now. You know, I don't know what I'm going to do with my life" to being "Yes!", thinking about the future.

Rob Bee 4:31

So not living in the past. "And I was good at this in the past"... I was the thinking about the future, thinking about the now in the future. Condoleezza Rice said, you should never be the former anybody. So we need to think about where we're going and what we're going to do.

Rob Bee 4:47

And the transformation it's like I liken it to a bird in a cage, say a battery chicken. Noise everywhere eating crap, man made foods. Do this. Do that. And comparing that to being a blue bird soaring in the sky. And being free, having the the wind in your face and shiny feathers. I like to say that the the transformation I create is to give people that shiny hair, bright eyed feeling. And look. So that's it. Yeah.

Andrew Hryniewicz 5:24

So we're at about two minutes. Question number two, what's the biggest challenge they're facing in this transformation in this journey?

Rob Bee 5:32

Right, that's quite an easy one that we get stuck in our ways. Old bad habits, which you've just done forever, and you think it's normal. And it might be something that isn't good for you. And you know, it's not good for you. But you keep doing it. Because it's what you know.

Andrew Hryniewicz 5:50 Yeah. What are the most common bad habits you see?

Rob Bee 5:56


Andrew Hryniewicz 5:58

Top three.

Rob Bee 5:59

Yeah, well, eating crap food, eating nuts, and chocolate and cake. And a client of mine, Liz. When she came to me, she was staying up at night, sitting in front of the TV till well gone midnight, one o'clock in the morning. She was feeling crap, rubbish most of the day. And in the evening, she was having a dinner. And then she was eating nuts and chocolate and drinking wine. And late night eating. Yeah.

Rob Bee 6:30

And her argument was, well, I need a glass of wine to get to sleep. And then she's... I've done it myself. You sit in front of the TV. And you can't even be bothered to reach out for the remote control. It just existing. And you're eating nuts. And you keep eating them, you know?

Rob Bee 6:48

And so we got her out of that. She goes to bed earlier, she gets up earlier. And so that that is the common? What was the question, the biggest challenge, the biggest challenge is making the change. And what we do is we make changing easier, changing is hard. To change what you do, that you've done for ages, for years often is difficult.

Rob Bee 7:14

And what I do is I created a system that makes that easy or easier to do. And with the support of myself and other people in the group. It really works.

Andrew Hryniewicz 7:26

Okay, great. So we're a little over four minutes. So question number three, what's your number one insight you can share to help people make these changes make this transformation right now?

Rob Bee 7:38

Right? Well, one thing that people could start to do straight away is, before breakfast, go outdoors. Two minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, whatever, you can go to bed a bit earlier, if you think it's going to be too difficult. That's another thing you could do.

Rob Bee 7:57

But get outdoors in the morning. And if you're not very fit, or well, just stretch, breathe, feel the outdoors. Don't matter whether you're in the city or the country, wherever you are, get outdoors. If you're a bit fitter, a brisk walk, start slowly and then power home and do that before breakfast every day.

Rob Bee 8:21

And I guarantee within a month, your life will start to change. You'll feel better just from doing that one thing. It's a powerful thing. Changing atmosphere, breathe some fresh air and do some exercise.

Andrew Hryniewicz 8:36

Yeah. And something that I'm aware of in that context is that, you know, one of the reasons we feel so good on a bright summer afternoon is that the afternoon sky is I think, it's about 50,000 lumens of brightness. And that light hits the back of your eyeballs. And then that creates sort of biochemical changes of that I feel great. I feel good. Yeah. And, and even even a cloudy winter day is so much brighter than the indoors. That That light, you're still getting that sort of a benefit.

Rob Bee 9:17

Yeah. But even now we see it's dark in the mornings, and I embrace the darkness. Look at the sky. It was cloudy this morning. Yesterday morning where I'm living now there's no streetlights, it was magnificent the stars. So embrace whatever the season is embrace the seasons and embrace where you are. The light. I agree. 100% is so good.

Andrew Hryniewicz 9:40

Yeah, yeah. So the heart of it really is embrace life.

Rob Bee 9:44

Embrace life, but start your day by doing that.

Andrew Hryniewicz 9:48

Yeah, what a brilliant idea. Okay, so we're about six and a half minutes. Question number four, what concept or book or program or talk has been most useful. impactful in your experience.

Rob Bee 10:02

Okay, this is quite an easy one. Back in the 1980s. I was running a business, running a commercial recording studios and doing gigs with my band. I had three children, married, running a house, running a business, working all hours, and starting to get run down. It was sort of in my 30s, late 30s, I suppose. And I, I was interested in health, very much so then, but I was letting myself go.

Rob Bee 10:32

And I found a book, it would just been published and there was reviews about it, called Raw Energy by Leslie and Susanna Kenton. It's a mother and daughter. And it was published in 1984. And I got this book and started to do some of the things in the book, eat mostly raw during the day. I wasn't fanatical about it, but I made a fantastic breakfast and then had a good lunch.

Rob Bee 11:04

And within two or three weeks, I started to feel great. I really did feel it was a difference. And it was great. It was great. And Linda, my wife, she was doing it a bit. Obviously the kids didn't want anything to do with it. But what happened was because of the business of life, and and shopping and kids, and we let it go and didn't carry on, but that was always in my mind. That the the power of that.

Rob Bee 11:35

And so over the past 20 years since the beginning of since about 2002, when I started to get into this again, I've developed something I'm going to tell you about in a minute, my breakfast of brilliance which is fantastic raw energy food, and I now eat raw during the day and cooked in the evening. So about 70% row 30% cooked, but all clean, good clean foods. So it was that book that anyway here. I'm going on to age.

Andrew Hryniewicz 12:10

I know that that's that's perfect.

Rob Bee 12:13

Right? I recommend it is out of print now. But you can still get it and there's still stuff on the internet about it.

Andrew Hryniewicz 12:19

Okay, I'll make a reference to that in the show notes. So this brings us to question number five, what free resource would you like to share with the audience that will help them?

Rob Bee 12:29

Right, well, that brings it perfectly onto my breakfast of brilliance. If you go to you can download the recipe, and I call it inflammation busting brain and body food. And it's full of brilliant, beautiful ingredients.

Rob Bee 12:53

It sort of comes from, I'm interested in the work of Maximilian Bircher Benner, who invented the Bircher muesli. He ran a sanatorium in the 1890s, it would have been called a health farm today. And he was a bit of a weird guy, or he was into all sorts of things, free love and everything, but the food, what you ate, was his big thing. And he transformed people.

Rob Bee 13:23

And so I was interested in this over the years, and my breakfast of brilliance is sort of a Bircher muesli if people want something to compare it with. But it's a beautiful thing, and you can go on my website, or as I say, go to the

Andrew Hryniewicz 13:39

Okay, great. So we're at the last question. So what should I have asked you Rob, that I didn't?

Rob Bee 13:46

What should you have asked me that you didn't? Right, I should have thought about this.

Rob Bee 13:52

I think life is full of ups and downs. We, even the person who you see all the time, bright and happy, he has bad days or she has bad days. That they aren't well, aren't always switched on, feeling great all the time. In fact, sometimes we feel rubbish. We get up some days, and you can't be and so the question you should have asked me what to do about that. Right?

Rob Bee 14:18

Well, I've actually released a series of videos, 22 videos, called "Things to do to raise your mood." And the one of those videos is on YouTube. If you look me up on YouTube, Rob Bee. But the one that people seem to like most is this: if you're feeling rubbish, and you're down in the dumps, and you can't be bothered to do anything.

Rob Bee 14:42

You're just feeling crap. And someone said this and someone said that... go into the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and pull some stupid faces at yourself now. And you... see you're smiling now Andrew. And what it does, it makes you go "What? You idiot, what's what's going on? You know what?" And the things don't seem so important anymore because you've laughed at yourself. And this world we live in is not that important. What's getting you down? You know? Come on, come on, and it brightens your mood. Try it.

Rob Bee 15:18

Anyone who watches this, try it. Go to the bathroom and pull faces at yourself.

Andrew Hryniewicz 15:25

Well, that sounds like a perfect end to a really great show. So thank you, Rob, so much for your time today.

Rob Bee 15:31

Thank you, Andrew and Cheerio. See you again. Bye.

Andrew Hryniewicz 15:34

Okay, great.

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