Welcome to the Beginner Circle!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to watch the intro video before coming to the circle.

Beginning To Journey (must watch!)

This video covers the history, principles, and methods of shamanism.

And it shows you how to "journey"—which is basic to everything else we do.

Journeying, very briefly, is how you expand your consciousness at will.

And then, in that expanded consciousness, you visit other levels of reality to meet with spirit helpers and guides.

The beginner circle assumes you have watched the video, so we start with any questions you may have about the video intro.

But then we dive right into two practice journeys"Meeting The Gatekeeper" and "Visiting Your Spirit Healing Garden"to develop this basic skill.


'Greenwood Walk' Intro (optional)

The Greenwood walk is not necessary to attend the beginner circle, but it will give you some extra practice.

In the walk, you will:

  • See how drumming affects your awareness
  • Meet with shamanic, mythic and cultural archetypes
  • Get help with a current question or concern

'Greenwood Walk' Audio (optional)

Follow my voice on the video, along with the shamanic drumming, and explore the power of the 'Greenwood Walk'. 

Close your eyes, or use a blindfold or sleep mask (ideal)...

relax into your body...

and see what happens when you open your 'deep mind' to the wisdom of shamanic, mythic and cultural archetypes.

WARNING: Do NOT listen to the video/audio while driving, or doing anything that needs concentration.


'A Brief History Of Consciousness' (super optional)

This 10 minute video is for people who like to see "the big picture". In it you will discover more about:

  • How our minds and awareness developed
  • The ways our modern lives affect our mental, emotional, and physical health
  • The 4 levels of mind/consciousness; 
  • The relationship between intuition and shamanic practices.



Once you know how to journey, explore these next levels.

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Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist)

Shamanic Healer & Guide. Psychotherapist. Executive Career Coach.

A modern-day wizard-healer-guide, Andrew is the ‘hidden power behind the throne’ for his students and clients around the world.

As a renaissance man, philosopher, flaneur... Andrew explores life's meaning, purpose and evolution every way he knows how.

And, like his heroes (Odysseus and Gandalf the Grey) he’s visited the ends of the earth, consorted with gods, and brought back wisdom, power and gifts to share with the world.

A life-long gourmet and bon-vivant, Andrew is often found sharing good food, red wine or fine coffee, and funny or wise stories for any occasion.