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1. Use the calendar below to book and pay for your session.

Select the next available time and answer the questions so I know what you want help with.

The fee is £97.

The New Client Special fee is £47 (limited to 1 per client.)

Remember: type in the code “new” to get your special price.

2. Once you’re booked, I read your request and do your healing on your chosen day.

You don’t need to do anything. Just put it in your calendar and look out for my email when it’s done.

3. On your day, I do your session, record the results with my thoughts and comments, and send you the recording. It will come in an email from Hightail.com with a link to get the recording so you can listen to it. 

How to ask for help

I can ask my spirit helpers to work on anything you want (relationships, careers, illness, …) with one proviso. I only work on your life and what you ask for.

“Get help with the conflict at work.” is OK because it’s about your life.

“Make my boss/partner/office jerk a nice guy.” is not. It’s not OK to heal a person without their knowledge or consent (so I won’t do it.)

So, when you answer the questions, focus on asking for things to change yourself and in your life.

2 exceptions: For parents, I can help your dependent children at your request.

And, if someone is in a coma, I can help if their soul agrees to the healing.


I want you to love your healing session and come back for more…

If you don’t think ‘that was amazingly worth it’, let me know and I’ll return your fee.

You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain! This is zero-risk for you...

Note: Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz is not an M.D. or medical professional.

He does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and does not consult or advise about such conditions.

Energy healing, vibrational therapies, intuitive guidance are meant to relieve stress, and to clear and balance the body’s energy fields.

While these practices can enhance and strengthen the healing process at all levels, they are not a substitute for appropriate medical care.

This healing session is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical, legal, accounting or any other professional advice.

It is the responsibility of each individual to seek and utilise a physician’s care and advice for medical conditions.

And to get the appropriate professional advice for any other questions or concerns raised in your session.


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