3 proven steps to take you from where you are

to where you want to be.

Join Andrew Wayfinder — mentor, guide and shaman — to turn your career (no matter where you are now) into work you love, that’s right for you, and makes a difference.

Why Andrew?

After 3 careers in 25 years (architect, therapist, shaman), I know how you can do work you love, make a difference, and live your true purpose.

In 10 years of mentoring I hear the same pains again and again:

  • Killing schedules, workloads, deadlines, psycho bosses, and BS targets..
  • Direction, tools and help that’s always promised but never delivered…
  • Micro-managers, bullies, Machiavelli’s, slackers, suck-ups and prima-donnas…
  • Office politics, gossip, turf wars, glass ceilings, soul-sucking routines and meetings…
  • Coming home tired, angry, sad (or all 3). Becoming a shitty parent, person, partner…

Since 2011, I have helped executives, leaders, professionals in all fields — in 1,500+ ‘deep mind’ peak performance sessions — be more successful, stop burnout and misery in their tracks, get better jobs, be happier, find inner peace and satisfaction.

Most people have no idea what really stops them from success… or what they can accomplish… or how much better life can be.

Let me show you how you can…


Love Your Work. Make A Difference. Live Your Purpose.

What is CAM?

  • It is a powerful 2-day mastermind hosted in carefully selected, inspiring locations throughout London.
  • It’s an intimate and transformative gathering of like-minded executives,  professionals, and leaders.
  • It’s a proven way to make the changes you need to have more self-confidence, focus and drive, and find the best path to your goals and dreams .
  • It’s an opportunity to connect with accomplished men and women like you and create work that honors your desires, personality, beliefs and values.

How CAM works

Because your time is limited, you need a proven solution that’s quick and easy-to-use.

CAM starts to create a career you love and the life you desire, quickly and easily, in just one weekend.

Create lasting peace and happiness in just 3 simple steps:

1. Awaken Your ‘Deep Mind’ Power. This is your foundation. You learn a simple 10,000 year old meditation method that taps into your sub-conscious mind, where all your history, beliefs, memories and inner wisdom are stored.

This means you go directly to the real problems, and the lasting solutions. You can stop wasting time, energy and money on what’s not important or on methods that don’t work. Even if you’ve been struggling to find your ideal career for years, you can discover what it is in minutes in the Mastermind.

2. Clear Out Your Past. To move forwards, you must get rid of anything blocking or obscuring your path. In the second step you let all the negative, destructive or painful imprints in your mind and body go for good.

And it’s easier than you might think. Since 2011, I’ve guided 1,500+ sessions like this, with people just like you, and I’m always amazed at how easily and gently people 

3. Step Into Your Future. Choose a new direction in life—not the one fate (genetics, family, culture, history) says you should haveInstall new, positive, visionary ideas, goals and beliefs in your ‘deep mind’. And these will guide you so you know where to go, and what to do next.

“Andrew guides you deep in your subconscious to move forwards, and clear what's ready to let go.”

Carmen O. Executive, London

“Discover things you wouldn’t dream of...  amazing, mind opening experiences. Andrew's calm, nature allows you to go at your own pace.”

Bruce H Startup Founder, London & Dublin

“My progress has been staggering. Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep. Thanks for such a transformative process.”

Lexie Octavia Model & Yoga Teacher, London & Melbourne

“A gifted guide who asks the right questions... the insights are hugely significant and potent.”

Tai Hubbert Talent Development & Management, Seattle

“A beautiful soul. Andrew works from the heart in a professional caring manner. I recommend him to others who are ready to do some very deep work.”

Tonia W., Executive, London

“Hugely caring, intelligent and liberating work, Andrew's perceptive guiding skills are flawless.”

Dilys Rees Artist & Playwright, London

CAM is for you if:

♦ You want to love what you do—to be excited and fulfilled every day you go to work.

♦ You want to work with great people, who do good work, and who have your back.

♦ You want to make a difference—to do work that makes life better and solves real problems.

♦ You want creative, challenging, interesting work. And to be respected, rewarded, and appreciated for what you do.

♦ You want your work, and the people you work with, to support you and respect your beliefs and values.


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