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Get healing, guidance, help when you need it most…

Have you given up on feeling better?

Hi there,

It’s Andrew. And I hope your life is great.

But sometimes things can get overwhelming…

Perhaps it’s the crazy workload and the deadlines… a psycho boss… toxic, back-stabbing, schemers at work…

Or stress and worry (about your relationships, health, money) that twists your guts into knots… keeping you awake night after night…

Or it hurts too much, to be so alone and lonely…

And you don’t know how much longer you can take it.

All you want is to just feel good and be happy!

A Fast, Proven Way to Feel Relief, Get Real Changes and Make Your Life Great

New Client Special: Only £47 (normally £97) 

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Distant Healings Help You

  • Have loving, supportive partners, friends, family and colleagues in your life.
  • Do work you love and that makes a difference.
  • Feel healthy, happy, energised, fulfilled.
  • Know you’re on the right and best path for your life.
  • Get rid of toxic, hostile, destructive people. For. Ever.
  • Heal bad events, memories, energies so you love going home, to work or school.
  • And much, much more…

Get help for anything… no matter what’s going on… or where you are…

What Is A Distant Healing?

It’s a fast, powerful, effective way to get help, healing and guidance for these (and any other problems) from spirit helpers and guides.

Used in thousands of years of shamanic practice, spirit helpers and guides offer priceless help because they tap into power and wisdom much greater than your ordinary awareness. And they work for your highest and best interests.

Because these healings are personal (no mass ‘group’ sessions here) you get just what you need for you and your life.

And, since they deal with the spiritual root causes of problems or pain, you get deep and lasting changes.


Why Clients Love Distant Healings

“A gifted guide who asks the right questions... the insights are hugely significant and potent.”

Tai Hubbert Talent Development & Management, Seattle

“It’s going to improve your life..
. mind-bendingly cool.”

CJ Freeman Producer, Singer-Songwriter, London

Uplifting, magical healing… 
Rich growth and development. Free your soul on every level. Thank you Andrew for such a high grade of shamanism. Be blessed.

Sinead O’Reilly Executive, London

“Beautiful and inspiring…”

“ I live in London and I work in banking. I came to Andrew for help a while back.

It’s a wide range of subjects…

Most important, it’s very convenient… part of my family doesn’t live (here)… and we also have dogs, so the distant healing works beautifully for them. It’s incredible the results we’ve seen.

For me (it’s) clarity around my career path.

When I’ve had to make big decisions—I do the distant sessions and I listen to the recordings. It’s immediately obvious what’s going on. And it gives me guidance.

Andrew has done clearings on (the house) and the coincidences have been extraordinary (see the audio below for the full story)

The big things are the clarity and guidance. When it comes to decision-making and deciding what direction to pursue, I find them very helpful. I still make my own decisions, but I feel I’m better informed.

That’s hugely helpful.

The second thing is I know I’m being supported and helped in a way I didn’t know previous to working with these sessions.

The third thing is the actual improvements in the dogs and family members. Not 100% miracle cures but there were certainly massive improvements, and steps that led to further improvements.

I think the whole process is very beautiful.

It really touches me in a different way. I find it so… the imagery… the feeling of energies working to help me… the way the messages come through.

I find it very beautiful and very enriching.”

How Distant Healings Work

In a distant healing, my spirit helpers and guides go to you and I watch as they take power, help and healing to you.

I describe out loud what I see, feel, hear, think, learn—what I see my helpers do and show me—and record it for you.

At the end of the session, I add my thoughts and comments (I’ve done 1,200+ sessions so I have some ideas about what’s going on…)

Then I send you the recording for you to listen to and learn from.

Better For You

I love doing in-person healings for people.

However, with our busy rushed lives, in most cases distant healings are just as powerful as in-person ones but much faster, simpler, more convenient, and cost less.

FASTER. In-person healings have many steps and take 2 hours (or more) plus your travel time.

Distant healings take you 5-10 minutes to set up. And the actual healing is done in an intense, focused 10-15 minute session.

(Remember, spirit works outside of time—a lot happens in ‘just’ 15 minutes…)

SIMPLER. In distant sessions, spirit helpers and guides go directly to your location and take the help, information or healing you need. They work immediately and directly on you so you get exactly what you need to be helped, when and where you need it.

CONVENIENT. Email or text me from anywhere in the world. I do the healing while you’re working, travelling, even sleeping. And email the recording to wherever you are.

COST LESS. In-person healings take more effort, time and complexity and cost £195-£245. Distant healings are just £97.

New Client Special Offer: your distant healing is £47 for the first time to see how you like it. So you save £50!

“Blow You Mind” Guarantee

I want you to love your session and come back for more…

If you don’t think ‘that was amazingly worth it’, let me know and I’ll return your fee.

You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain! This is zero-risk for you…

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The Distant Healing fee is normally £97.

The New Client Special fee is just £47 

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Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist.) is a spiritual Odysseus, shamanic healer, intuitive guide and spiritual psychotherapist with a practice in Chelsea, London.

Since 2011 he has helped 100s of ambitious, searching professional men and women create lives full of health and happiness, power and purpose, love and meaning.