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A psycho manager bullied Alli out of a job she loved.

A bright, funny MBA, Alli’s confidence was shattered, and she was struggling to be the star she'd once been...

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CJ was 35, a songwriter, his band’s lead singer, and a record producer in London.

But under his Uber-cool vibe, he was struggling, anxious, feeling lost and out of control...

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Nicola had her dream job—a top lectureship, leading a research team with millions in grants to solve big problems.

But the choices, demands and responsibilities were daunting, even crushing...

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A late-20’s fashion executive Hollie wanted love that was real and lasting. 

She'd been with one toxic, destructive man after another, and it always ended in pain...

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A gifted guide who asks the right questions... the insights are hugely significant and potent.”

Tai Hubbert Talent Management, Seattle

Intense and complete. I lifted 40 years in a few hours. This is for anyone stuck in their lives. I'm so grateful.”

Rosa McK - Writer, Dublin

“Discover things you wouldn’t dream of...  amazing, mind opening. Andrew's calm, inviting nature allows you to go at your own pace.”

Bruce H Startup Founder, London & Dublin

"My progress has been staggering. Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep. Thanks for such a transformative process.”

Lexie Octavia Model & Yoga Teacher, Melbourne

“It changed my life! The best thing I did to help myself. I’m happily single for the first time in my life and my fear of being alone is gone! And I was in the most professional, compassionate hands!”

Anastassia Executive, Manchester

“Hugely caring, intelligent and liberating work, Andrew's perceptive guiding skills are flawless.”

Dilys Rees Artist & Playwright, London

An uplifting, magical healing experience. Free your soul on every level. Thank you Andrew.”

Sinead O'Reilly - London

“A beautiful soul. Andrew works from the heart in a professional caring manner. I recommend him to others who are ready to do some very deep work.”

Tonia Professional, London

Very Powerful… I received loads of healing and came away feeling much more confident about working this way.”

Erica - London

“I highly recommend Andrew. I went last weekend and I've literally seen the changes in my life already! Of all the things I’ve done, I find shamanism—especially the workshop–the thing I feel has helped me most. X”

Lucy R - Business Owner, London

“I really enjoyed it. Andrew—you really know your stuff and have a lovely way of presenting it. I’m looking forwards to seeing changes in the next few weeks.”

Olwen C - London

“I really enjoyed it. Andrew’s session was profound and helped creating a shift of energies. It helped release something very deep which is causing me issues. I feel really good this morning and definitely some kind of shift has occurred within!”

Michelle G - Executive, London

Incredibly empowering. I gained a completely expanded understanding of myself, the world, spirit, everything. My whole reality shifted very quickly. I no longer felt trapped in my relationships. Stress and worry became unnecessary.”

Wayfinder Client Email - London

“An excellent time. Very well structured and Andrew held a safe yet expansive space for us to explore. How did we get to be so lucky to have Andrew here in London?”

Zannie R - London

“It was deep and profound! It truly feels like something inside me was transformed! Felt so much lighter by the time I left...

I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Dian C - London

“Really powerful—I gained great wisdom. Reconcile and heal mind body and soul to move forwards with clarity and wisdom. An amazing foundation for my future–a wonderful teacher and environment–truly phenomenal!!”

Tallita D - Artist, London

My life is taking a different direction. A truly amazing day filled to the brim with blessings and lessons! Truly life changing. All thanks to Andrew guiding with his wisdom, knowledge, compassion. Thank you Andrew for your guidance and for revealing this to me!”

Camilla J - Stockholm

“I found it terrific and gained so much knowledge which I will treasure for ever. Andrew is a gem and facilitates the group smoothly and warmly.”

Vicky C - London

“A wonderful safe place. A truly wonderful experience, with lovely people. Thank you very much Andrew, for creating a wonderful safe place to explore in. I am still processing all I learnt.”

Terese S - London

“Brilliant! Very much worth the money. Very structured and worked on a profound level for me. Many thanks for a rewarding experience.”

Helen R - Professional, London

If you want transformation go see Andrew. (For) real fundamental shift, re-patterning, changing subconscious behaviours, really huge energetic shifts… I think it’s the only way actually.”

Alli S-H - Executive, London

“Andrew is highly professional, gifted and experienced. I have (worked with) many alternative therapists, and Andrew is amongst the few that stand out. Andrew instills trust and can securely ‘hold’ the space, providing boundaries and support with whatever comes up in the session. Thank you for all of your help!”

Stephanie - Health & Social Care Executive, London

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