This 3 to 6 month intensive 1:1, private mentoring and guidance program is for you when you want to upgrade all areas of your life over a longer period.

The length and depth of this program ensures your lasting sustainable changes, and your life turnaround, go hand in hand. And even higher than you ever thought possible.

Deep lasting change takes time, though, so we make sure you go at the right pace for you while having a complete life overhaul.     

You’ll gain real results which you will see, feel and benefit from in all areas of your health, wealth, relationships, confidence and personal power.

And, finally, you will be able to consistently and reliably use your inner power and wisdom for the rest of your life—long after our work together is done.

The VIP Program Includes

1. A half-day in person intensive kickoff to brainstorm with Andrew all of your life, health, wealth or relationship hurdles and goals. We also design a step-by-step plan to move you forwards. And practice the methods you will be using in your sessions.

2. Wayfinder Sessions. You have 12 x 60 minute private, 1:1 mentoring, healing & guidance sessions on Skype, Zoom or telephone which can be taken over 3-6 months.

3. Each session has 2 short written exercises designed to clarify your goals and keep your success and progress on track. 

4. 18 powerful new habits to support lasting improvement in: your mindset, productivity, diet, exercise, relationships, and lifelong growth.

5. A 15 minute weekly meditation to deepen your skills both during and long after your program is done.

6. Complete peace of mind knowing you have total support, motivation, power and inspiration to create the life you have always dreamed of.

I’m always there to keep you on track. Free email access at any time.

7. Short notice “distant healing” sessions which can be booked when a crisis or an exciting opportunity knocks.

8. And finally, a “graduation” lunch when you are done at somewhere sumptuous of your choice–here we raise our glasses to your magical time of change, progress, success, letting go and increased wealth, health and happiness.



Create a life and a career you love!

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