a place for you to expand & grow

with spirit & grace

 “Shamanism represents the most widespread and ancient methodological system of mind-body healing known to humanity.”
Michael Harner, PhD.


Imagine if you could... 

  • Unlock limitless power, energy and health in your body, mind and spirit... 
  • Get wise answers to difficult questions whenever you needed them... 
  • Feel peace and joy everywhere you go...
  • Be protected and guided in life's ebb and flow...
  • Know your soul's purpose and live it in every moment of your life...

For millennia, shamans, seers and healers all over of the world have used their mind and spirit's deepest power to get help, guidance and healing from "something bigger" than normal awareness.

Well now you can...

Discovering the tools and methods of shamanism has completely transformed my life.

So I created Wayfinder Shamanism to help you transform yours...


The heart of the shamanic experience is discovering "We are not alone."


Discovering that you... I... all of humanity... and creation itself... are part of a pattern much larger than we normally understand or pay attention to.

But when you learn to pay attention, you discover you are surrounded by a wisdom, an intelligence, a concern that you can connect with, work with, and draw on.

And that connection with spirit, source, creation, (or whatever you want to call it) doesn't just make your life better. It is, in my opinion, the purpose and point of your life.

The circle offers 3 levels of work explained below (click on the buttons to open the page for each).

And what you could say about them is...

  1. The Beginner Circle (if you have no experience) is like learning to ride your bicycle...
  2. The Advanced Circle (once you know how to journey) is like riding the bicycle around your neighbourhood.
  3. Workshops and Retreats (ready to take multiple journeys) is like going on a bicycle tour.

This is a rich universe you're stepping into here... I can't wait to meet you, and see the magic you're going to create.

Be blessed and keep well,

Go here to learn "journeying", the basic skill of a shaman.


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Go here to expand and develop your skill, understanding, and self.

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Go here for all workshop topics and schedules.

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So... who am I and why am I doing this?

I'm Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, the least likely person to do anything as "woo-woo" as this.

I was raised in a very rational, scientific, definitely non-religious family (and forget "spirituality").

My father's an engineer, businessman, World War 2 veteran, and my mother is from Missouri (the "Show Me" state).

When I went to college, I was supposed to be an investment banker (or something like that.)

But that idea only lasted about 6 weeks into my first accounting course...

Instead, no matter what I did, an insistent little inner voice kept
telling me:
 "This isn't it. Keep looking."

And my search carried me through 3 different graduate programmes—in social work, architecture & ecological design, and psychotherapy.

As well as 3 careersarchitect and ecological designer, psychotherapist, and now a shamanic healer, teacher and guide (with a side helping of executive coaching.)

On top of all that, I had a lot of childhood trauma, which had a big impact on my beliefs, feelings and actions.

Because of that, I've spent 45+ years pursuing personal development and growth—with lots of therapy and healing, hypnosis, all sorts of retreats, yoga, Tai Chi, extreme sports and adventure travel...

All trying to figure out "what is my life really about?"

But nothing has been as profound as following the shamanic path
and learning to work with spirit helpers.