“We have two lives: the life we live and the life we dream about.”
– Stephen Pressfield –

I hope your eulogy won’t just be a fancy resume.

…But a rich life of memories, adventures, kindness and generosity… of passions developed, and a tapestry of all the things and people who made you laugh and cry and hope and live.

If you’ve lost your way, though, what then?

You are here to do something uniquely yours with your life and your gifts.

And if you don’t do it, nothing else you ever do, nothing you ever accomplish (all the stuff, the moments, the praise) will ever satisfy you.

And that’s what I care about—helping you discover your life’s purpose and live it to the full.

It’s taken me almost 30 years to learn how to do this.

And so can you.

Since 2008 I’ve personally guided almost 200 awakening souls (lawyers, artists, bankers, executives, singers, scientists…), in 1000+ sessions and worksops to ulock their life’s purpose, and create lives of lasting inner peace and deep meaning.


The heart of the work I do as a shaman and guide is reconnecting you with your deepest sources of power, wisdom and grace.

Your mind, your body and your spirit have extra-ordinary capacities and abilities.

Your brain is a biological supercomputer as complex as the universe itself. Your genes encode and carry the inherited capacities, wisdom and experience of all your ancestors. And your spirit can access everything else you needed to succeed in our complex, challenging and fast-changing world.

The heart of the shamanic experience is that we are all part of pattern and forces and spiritual resources that we can connect with and draw on.

Another way of saying that is that “we are not alone…”

There is “something bigger” all around us—some people call it spirit, some call it God, some call it energy, some call it the universe. Whatever you call it, it is wise, powerful, and concerned for your well-being. It wants to help you live, thrive and grow.

All you need to do learn to ask for help. Then receive and work with what is given.

Shamanism is not a matter of faith or belief. 

Rather, it is a set of simple methods and proven practices you can use and test out for yourself. The only thing you need is an open mind. 

You start by learning to expand your awareness and visit other levels of your mind and reality. And in those other levels, you have experiences and get results that are helpful, reliable or useful. 

And only then do you decide if it’s a tool or path you want to continue with.

Here are all the ways you can Into your deep mind, spiritual awareness, and use the power of your mind-body-spirit connection.


The first step would be to come to an evening talk for a half day training on your deep mind. In the talk you will discover the basics: what a shaman is, what shamans know, and what shamans do. You will also learn and practice two basic journeys. A journey is a shamanic form of meditation it allows you to access and awaken interesting and powerful capacities in the human brain.

If learning to journey is like learning to ride a bicycle, this is Sunday afternoon in an empty parking lot learning to steer and use the brakes.


The half-day workshop get you more time to practice and develop your skills.

So get a chance to ask for help in a variety of ways. These two workshops focused on just working with the present, with what’s happening right now, day-to-day, in your life, relationships or at work.

If journeying is like riding a bicycle, this is still Sunday afternoon in an empty parking, but now you leave the parking lot and ride around the neighbourhood.


This is for you when you want to do deeper, richer work, and be able to work with the past or the future. 

Working with the past can include—healing your physical body, getting free of something. Working with the future — asking questions about your direction, freeing up our take actions, and move into a bigger life. Both of those are covered in the two day training will you learn to work with your sub conscious and superconscious mind, and a whole lot more.

If journeying is like riding a bicycle, this is learning to ride off the paved roads, and going up and down big hills. Once you’ve done this, you can ride your bicycle anywhere you want—as long as your skills, stamina and experience match the terrain. 

For many people, this is all the knowledge and skills they need to use their inner power, wisdom and grace in their lives.

For other people, though, they want to go deeper, because there is more a bigger problem or a specific goal they want to achieve.


In the mentoring cycle you work in a small, ongoing group to get regular healing, guidance, empowerment and support from spiritual sources over a 6-month period. This is for you if:

  • You could be starting a new job at a much higher level, a new company,  or leaving your old career to find your real ‘calling.’.
  • You could be an artist, researcher, producer or designer moving in a new directions the network.
  • You could be facing a wilderness, chronic or life-threatening. And lastly, this can be very powerful for people going through relationship changes — divorce, breakup, illness or death.

Two important things happen in the mentoring group.

First, you get regular healing, guidance and support for the issues you’re going through from sources much wiser and more powerful than your everyday self. Second, and more importantly, your ability to visit other dimensions of reality, your knowledge of these dimensions and of the spirit helpers and teachers in them increases dramatically. This means the level of support, healing and power coming into your life increases week after week, month after month, and for years to come—long after we’ve worked together.

If journeying is like riding a bicycle, this is having a team and a coach to train for and ride in a big race. You have fun and win your race, and you become a much better rider who keeps on winning and growing.


This a very particular training designed for people who use their ‘deep mind’ in their professional or creative life—people who develop products, IT, new laws, processes or structures; people who research complex problems or fundamental phenomena; people who create works of art, understanding and inspiration.

You develop a very particular relationship with spirit experts in your field. So, for example, artists find themselves working with the spirit of Picasso, or Georgia O’Keeffe. Lawyers work with the spirit of Cicero, or Oliver Wendell Holmes. Scientists work with Einstein, or even the phenomena or materials they are researching. Executives work with Steve Jobs, J.P. Morgan, or the spirit of a company, division or project.

And in all cases they are getting breakthrough insights, guidance and solutions to technical, creative and other problems they never imagined possible. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits quite extraordinary.

If journeying is like riding a bicycle, this is training with the world’s best rider in any area (mountain-biking, road racing, time trials, etc.) and learning all their secrets.

And finally, the crown jewel in my offerings is the Wayfinder Destiny Awakening journey.


This is designed to transform your life from the inside out, and from the past into the future. The ultimate goal is to understand, recover, why is your soul’s best. So we were able to move forwards with crystal clarity and create in confidence and trust because you know exactly what it is your soul has come here to do in this lifetime. And you have cleared away all the obstacles, wounds, fears and beliefs that were holding you back before.

However, stepping into your soul’s destiny needs some preparation. So you start by reweaving the foundations of your life. As with the three preparatory attributes —Open Your Body To Health. Open Your Mind To Wealth. Open Your Heart To Love.

Once these foundations are solidly in place, you are ready to create your destiny on top of them.

If journeying is like riding a bicycle, this is a summer trek through the foothills and mountain passes that lead to the hidden Kingdom of Shangri-La—where you discover your


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I’m excited to meet you and seeing what kind of magic we can create for you in your life.

Be well, Andrew.

How to really do what you are here to do with your life…


Depending on your situation — and budget — we can work together in 3 ways.

1. A group mentoring program, ‘intensive’ or workshop.

2. A one-to-one ‘intensive’ (1 or 2 days.)

3. A one-to-one mentoring cycle.

(See below for more details.)

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