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People often come to work with me because:

1. Their hair is on fire (beacause of a crisis like a breakup or betrayal, a psycho boss or workplace, an illness or death.)

2. An “oh shit” moment (you’ve got the job… made the deal… started the project… got the guy or girl… but now what are you going to do?)

3. “Something’s missing…” (you’re looking at your success and you realise this isn’t what you want to do with the rest of your life.)

Depending on what’s going on in your life, you can get help in 3 ways.

Get Help Now

For fast attention, focus and help, the ‘Life Purpose Awakening’ is your best choice.

This 2-step process is designed to clarify your direction, deal with a current crisis, and get help, guidance and relief right away.

Go Further Faster

Unlock your career as fast as you can, choose the 2-day ‘Career Awakening Mastermind’.

Discover what your true work really is, and remove anything that is keeping you from doing it. 

Get Guidance & Support

To get ongoing, regular support, guidance and help a mentoring program is your best option.

Great for a big change: starting a new job or business, ending or fixing a relationship, ramping up your professional or creative output, dealing with an illness or loss. 

Create a career and life you love!

Find what you love now. I regularly schedule free 30-minute 'Love Your Career' consultations


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