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Here you follow proven journey patterns to heal, learn, change and grow different areas of life.

And they take different times to complete: 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day, 2 1/2 days, 3 days, 2 weekends, 7 weeks.

Heal Life & Death

Stuck past lives and fear of death makes life hard and scary in many ways. 

Turn your life around when you heal these pivotal past lives, and release the fear of death in the 'Pool of Life and Death' and the 'Cave of the Heart'.

$297 (1/2 day.)

 Be Your Own Shaman

Get guidance and healing in all areas of your life.

Meet your teachers and spirit helpers in the lower and upper worlds...

and learn how to connect and work with them. 

$597 (7 weeks @1 class/week) (1 weekend)

A New Soul Contract

If you struggle in an area of your life (love, money, health…), it’s often because a soul wound and soul contract blocks your progress.

Get the power to succeed and be happy in that area by healing the soul wound and soul contract for good.

$997 (2 days.)

Discover Your Destiny

Every soul has a unique destiny to live and fulfil.

Sadly, an ‘original soul wound’ and ‘soul loss’ often blocks us from living our destiny. 

This powerful retreat heals your soul wound and loss, discovers your life’s unique purpose and destiny, and gets you the power and guidance to fulfil it.

$2497 (3 days.)

Unlock Your Genius Deep Mind

Discover limitless insight, problem-solving and unlock your true 'genius' for creation and vision. 

Get the answers to any professional, creative, technical, (or other) problems in your life or career by working with your spirit helpers, spirit muses, and the wisdom of the cosmos.

$2997 (4 days on 2 weekends.)

Shamanic Power Retreat

The choice bits from all of the workshops.

Be at home and connected anywhere in the world as you use and practice many shamanic tools and methods. 

$1997 (2 1/2 days.)

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Discover how to unlock and follow 'your life purpose'. 

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Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist)

Shamanic Healer & Guide. Psychotherapist. Executive Career Coach.

A modern-day wizard-healer-guide, Andrew is the ‘hidden power behind the throne’ for his students and clients around the world.

As a renaissance man, philosopher, flaneur... Andrew explores life's meaning, purpose and evolution every way he knows how.

And, like his heroes (Odysseus and Gandalf the Grey) he’s visited the ends of the earth, consorted with gods, and brought back wisdom, power and gifts to share with the world.

A life-long gourmet and bon-vivant, Andrew is often found sharing good food, red wine or fine coffee, and funny or wise stories for any occasion.