Do Work You Really Love

And Care About

You're here to do work that matters...

To make the world a better place...

And create a life you love

But it's not working out the way you want...

I can help.

A more meaningful life...

You're here to bring your unique vision and gifts into life and form...

You're here to make a difference in the world...

And to have an amazing time time doing so...

The world is waiting for you to step up!

“Andrew is a gifted practitioner and guide.

Patient, intuitive, supportive.

His ability to ask the right questions is phenomenal and the insights have been hugely significant and potent.”

- Tai Hubbert. Recruitment & Talent Development. Run Studios, Seattle.

"It was immediate, getting epic revelations that rang true...

I felt an energetic shift. A feeling of liberation from all the stuff that was holding me back...

Of all the things I’ve done... this has helped me the most."

- Hollie Rolla. Fashion Executive. London.

"My progress has been staggering...

Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep.

Thank you Andrew for such a transformative process."

- Lexie Octavia. Model & Yoga Teacher. London & Melbourne.

Good to meet you!

Hi! I’m Andrew - executive mentor, psychotherapist, shamanic healer and guide.

I help visionary, creative, caring leaders and professionals (perhaps like you) live a life of power, presence and purpose.

Cosmic Energy Quantum Healing:

20 Minutes To Supercharge Your Body, Mind and Spirit

In just 20 minutes, this healing meditation balances, supports and repairs all the systems in your body (blood, respiration, nerves, organs, immune, light grid, quantum field) to unlock maximum health and vitality.

My spirit helpers gave it to me in 2019, and I've shared it with clients ever since (with great results.)

It's powerful, simple and easy.

Simply close your eyes, and let the wisdom, energy and power of the cosmos do the work.

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