About me

Hi, I’m Andrew! I'm here to guide you to a more joyful and meaningful life.

After years of searching and struggling to find inner peace and purpose in my life, I finally found ways to unlock my life from the inside out. Now I use the same powerful techniques to help others find their inner peace, passion and purpose.

Your way forwards

Find your direction and purpose. Live the life you're meant to live.


Alice is super smart, dedicated and wants to contribute to her field. She worked hard to get into, and excel in the top university in her field.

A recognised star, she navigated 10+ years of rising through the ranks (academic or corporate).

She is hip, trendy in her own way, quirky and opinionated. She lives in a bohemian part of her city and still bicycles to work.

Alice loves her team and her projects, but is feeling overwhelmed by all her choices and opportunities, and the level of decisions she needs to make.

Also, while she has survived the politics needed to rise, the stress has taken a toll on her health (in a hard to place stress/ autoimmune illness.)

Alice comes to me for two things.

One, she is searching for the right way forwards, the path that will allow her and her team to make the greatest impact.

And two, a spiritual crisis or hunger, a mystical side of her nature is calling her and she doesn’t know how to answer it or integrate it into her career and life.


Claire is a designer, artist (singer, painter, writer), architect or something like that. Self-directed and self-employed, she runs her own production company/workshop/agency.

On the outside, she's attractive, Uber cool, and in the right place at the right time with the right people…

On the inside, she struggles constantly with crippling worries and self-doubts, never measuring up to a relentless and fierce inner critic.

Claire finds herself using many things (drugs, alcohol, exercise, meditation...) to numb herself out. As well as staying in unsatisfying, even abusive relationships.

Claire comes to me because of a wake-up call (a second or third “blackout” or an “accident“ she fears was an unconscious suicide attempt.)

She realises she can't go on this way, and she's in serious danger of wrecking or losing everything she's worked so hard to create.


Holly is a rising star and super performer in finance, technology or media. She works non-stop, gives everything to turn in flawless perfect work. Her inner demands, standards and expectations drive her to work this hard.

Holly feels like “a racehorse surrounded by ponies.” She's brilliant at creating productive, fun teams that get the job done.

The dark side to that, though, is her bosses and peers take advantage and keep piling on projects and work they should be doing.

Holly is caring, trusting and not good at office politics. She is bullied, manipulated, disrespected and taken advantage of (professionally and personally.)

She is often paid less than her skills and effort deserve, and less than other people in her company. She has no time to hang out with friends, do yoga, see plays and art. The only bright spot in her life is her dog, and she dreams of moving to a company full of dedicated, respectful, high performers like herself.

Sometimes Holly comes to me to get a new job, in a new company. Sometimes she comes to get a new life, doing something completely different.

Cosmic Energy Quantum Healing:

20 Minutes To Supercharge Your Body, Mind and Spirit

In just 20 minutes, this healing meditation balances, supports and repairs all the systems in your body (blood, respiration, nerves, organs, immune, light grid, quantum field) to unlock maximum health and vitality.

My spirit helpers gave it to me in 2019, and I've shared it with clients ever since (with great results.)

It's powerful, simple and easy.

Simply close your eyes, and let the wisdom, energy and power of the cosmos do the work.

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