Is This You?

How You Got Here: A Script You Didn't Write

A ‘golden child’, your life was meticulously choreographed for excellence, success, accomplishments, and rewards.

Top schools... exclusive internships... the best equipment and coaches money could buy... 

Every step was from a script you didn’t write. You were expected – it was your duty even – to have wealth and power as your birthright.

Deviating from the script makes you a family and social outcast, whispered about and shunned.

Straying off the path? No way.

The Dreams You Shelved

You likely had a passion before you chose your career path (finance, law, tech, or something like that.) There was something completely different—art, science, or a social issue—you wanted to engage in. 

You read course catalogs, articles, and books. Imagined yourself following that path, filled with visions and excitement.

But your family and mentors said it wasn't practical. It wasn’t "what you’re supposed to do”.

So you put away your hopes and dreams.

You're a ‘Corporate Cinderella’, Not Queen of the Castle

Fast forward to now. You’ve got the title, the sleek wardrobe, jaw-dropping vacations, an art collection that rivals a small gallery.

You are the go-to person. Nailing projects and hitting targets consistently, effortlessly—just the way you were groomed and trained to be. 

But behind the curtain?

You're the workhorse, pulling the company's weight, while your boss in the corner office takes all the limelight.

You’re like a Corporate Cinderella in a power suit, killing yourself  for your wicked step-mother and lazy step-sisters… (but without a fairy godmother to help you get out of there!) 

You’re up at 5:30. In the office by 8. Fighting fires, protecting your back, while trying to do your best work til 8 or 9 at night. Get home. Collapse. Do it all over again.

And the idea that maybe, just maybe, this is as good as it gets scares you.

Psycho Bosses: A Pattern That Follows You...

Had a string of terrible bosses? Thought changing jobs would fix it... Think again.

Different setting, same toxic people and patterns. The system only cares about how much you produce. 

Your dreams, your values, your well-being? They get lip service, at best.

(There is a reason this keeps happening—and it's much deeper than 'limiting beliefs', childhood patterns and the like... which is why coaching, therapy and all the self-help book in the world have not helped.)

Wake-Up Calls: Two Gut Punches and a Slap in the Face

Punch one, you're a cog in a machine designed to benefit those at the top. Profit trumps purpose—it’s not about anything you care about, or making any difference.

Punch two, you can't play the cutthroat game your bosses expect of you without losing a piece of yourself. 

The slap?

You were at a gala industry event, champagne in hand, talking with a leader you admired. You shared your fears for the world—fears of climate, political, ecological problems, and more. 

You were stunned when he said “I know we’re on the Titanic… but at least I’m going first class.” (True story)

You thought, “WTF. I’m working my ass off for @%&*s like this!”

And it wasn’t just the cynicism that hit you… it was the underlying despair and hopelessness.

You're left staring into the abyss, thinking," Is this it?"

(And that's a scary question, especially when the answer might be yes.)

Ancestral Baggage: Your Family's Secret Legacy

It’s not just what’s missing. It’s what you’re carrying that haunts you. 

Your family has had money and power for generations, which includes secrets and skeletons that must stay hidden. 

No matter what happened—mental illness, addiction, fraud, abuse, (and more)—the rule is: “We don’t talk about those things here.”

It's as if all your ancestors are holding their bony fingers over their mouths and telling you, wordlessly, to stay silent about what you know about them.

Stepping off the path, questioning your position, could ripple through generations, rocking the very boat you were taught was your birthright.

The Corporate Game Isn't Just Broken, It's Rigged

Capitalism, corporations, (and many great fortunes) were built in the shadow of slavery and piracy.

So the idea that you can take other people’s stuff and that people are disposable cogs in a profit-making machine can still be deeply woven into the DNA of many corporations.

And when cutthroat execs rise to the top?

That’s a feature, not a bug. And they’re not just cunning; they're borderline psychopaths. 

Your decency is your Achilles heel, along with ancestral patterns and societal norms that tell you to keep your mouth shut and your true self under wraps.

Wrestling With Power?

Many of us wrestle with questions about power. 

We want the power to make changes and ‘do good’. But we don’t want to abuse power–or other people–the way we’ve seen it abused. And a little voice says “If I want power, I’m selfish”... (and that’s not good).

And then there’s ‘the old boys club’... 

As one of my clients puts it: “I want to believe in them and trust them, but I don't. They should have the values I was raised with, that privilege and service are connected… but they don't.”

It’s a dilemma: you feel like you need to join the club, but you don’t like or trust the people in it…

Afraid You Want To Burn It All Down?

Underneath all of your self-sacrifice, denial, and obligations, you may carry deeply hidden rage and anger—your soul’s response to being ignored, abused, and imprisoned. And that rage is willing to burn everything down!

So, looking inside, looking for ‘something more’ isn’t just rebellion, it’s walking on the razor’s edge. 

The dread you feel isn’t just about losing money, status, or relationships. It’s about the destructive potential of your own suppressed power.

Your Soul Is Calling: Are You Listening?

That question—“Is this it?”—isn't your enemy.

It’s your inner guidance saying there’s more to life than shareholder value, your bank balance, or the annual retreats to Bali.

Forget clawing for another rung on the corporate ladder.  Forget playing musical chairs with the C-suite crowd. 

The real game isn't power—it's purpose. 


Scraping for position and power is what happens when we lose sight of our true nature and higher purpose.

Your soul is reminding you you're an immortal angelic soul in human form, here on Earth to be create, learn and grow in consciousness.

And, if you are anything like the men and women I work with, you are here to use your privilege to help in creating peace on earth.

You are here to learn from and move beyond the misuses and abuses of power. 

You are here to heal your relationship with power, wealth and privilege. 

You are here to awaken your soul’s innermost power and use it ethically and wisely.

The Laika shamans say:

“We are not here just to grow corn, 

we are here to grow gods.”

Think about it.

What would the world look like if people in positions of power, people like you, decided to grow 'gods' instead of stock options?

Your Next Chapter: This is Big

So, what's next? A transformative journey.

 I'm not talking about another yawn-worthy corporate retreat or some 10-step leadership snooze-fest.

This is about digging your heels, your heart, and your soul deep into your very existence. We’re unlocking doors you didn't even know existed, let alone had keys to.

You're not just gonna redefine success—you’re going to live it in a way that makes everyone sit up and say "I'll have what she's having"...

Because the world doesn't just need powerful leaders; it needs awakened souls.

Are You Ready?

The planet's on fire, literally and metaphorically. It’s time for you to step into the leader you were born (and reborn) to be—one who brings divine essence into the practical world. 

Your next chapter is just waiting to be written, and it's gonna be your best one yet.

Are you ready to step up, dig deep, and become the soul-awakened powerhouse you are destined to be?

Because the clock's ticking and your soul’s done waiting.

What Others Have Found

“Andrew is a gifted practitioner and guide.

Patient, intuitive, supportive.

His ability to ask the right questions is phenomenal and the insights have been hugely significant and potent.”

- Tai Hubbert. Recruitment & Talent Development. Run Studios, Seattle.

"It was immediate, getting epic revelations that rang true...

I felt an energetic shift. A feeling of liberation from all the stuff that was holding me back...

Of all the things I’ve done... this has helped me the most."

- Hollie Rolla. Fashion Executive. London.

"My progress has been staggering...

Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep.

Thank you Andrew for such a transformative process."

- Lexie Octavia. Model & Yoga Teacher. London & Melbourne.

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