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Trying Too Hard To Make It All Work?

You Can Love Your Work & Life.

Find out how…

Finding Work You Really Love Is Not Easy

Do you…

Feel sick, scared and upset when you think of your work?

Feel frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed out by how much you’re expected to do (with no support or direction)?

♦ Worry about your competitors (inside and outside the company) and fear what they’re going to do next?

Wonder where you’re going in your life, and if you’ll ever get the respect, recognition and rewards your skills, studies and hard work deserves?

Settle for a smaller piece of the pie, and accepte crumbs of time, attention and affection?

Well, you’re not alone.

There’s a quiet epidemic at all levels of the working world. From C-suites to cubicle-land and shop floors, people complain about the same 3 things—

…misery… stress… and burnout.

Imagine you love your career and you…

…go to work full of energy and enthusiasm—and fill all of your life (family, love, friends, giving back, learning, travel, fun…) with the same energy and enthusiasm.

…lead a fun, creative, committed team that’s making waves… a team that has each other’s back  and is doing real, important, visionary work you’re all proud of.

…are supported, rewarded and recognised to do your best work with the best people in your field.

…quit stressing over “what if”, because you know you’ll handle it, and you’re doing what’s right and perfect for you.

…have your best ideas and solutions recognised and acted on so you know you’re making your team, company, and the world a better place.

The good news is you can…

You just need to learn how to unlock all of your potential and abilities.

Let me show you how.

Be well, Andrew.

PS. I can help. Let’s talk…

I regularly schedule free 30-minute ‘Love Your Career’ consultations for people who want a change

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"My progress has been staggering. Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep. Thanks for such a transformative process.”

Lexie Octavia Model & Yoga Teacher, London & Melbourne

“Discover things you wouldn’t dream of. Andrew (creates) amazing, mind opening experiences. His calm, inviting nature allows you to go at your own pace and in your own way.”

Bruce H., Startup Founder, London & Dublin

“A beautiful soul. Andrew works from the heart in a professional caring manner. I highly recommend him to others who are ready to do some very deep work.”

Tonia W., Executive, London

about Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist.)

Hi, I’m Andrew. Executive mentor, therapist, shaman healer and guide in Chelsea, London.

Executive, creative, and professional men and women hire me to love their work and life again because they’re miserable, stressed and burning out.

So, I help them remember, create and do what matters most to them so they have the energy, motivation and vision to be successful and fulfilled.

Bottom line, you can do work you love, that is well paid and challenging, and makes a difference in the world.

You see, it took me 48 years to finally find ‘my work’ in the world.

Before that though, I chased many detours, many jobs and 3 careers looking for the answers.

It wasn’t until I discovered an ancient spiritual technique—and how to use it in a powerful new way—that I was able to unlock what I was meant to do with my life and what I love doing.

And, since 2011, I have helped 135+ executives, professionals and creative men and women become more successful, happy and fulfilled in their lives and their careers.

While I don’t know everything, I know A LOT—especially when it comes to what you’re meant to do in your life and career.

And help you unlock the power to actually do it…

You can love your work, make a difference, and live your purpose – let me show you how…

Create a career and life you love!

Find what you love now. I regularly schedule free 30-minute 'Love Your Career' consultations


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