Are you a high-achieving, committed executive working for a psycho boss in a toxic company?

You're at the top... but it's not what you expected

You worked your ass off to get as good as you are. You've performed flawlessly, just the way you were trained and expected to. Long hours, relentless preparation, sacrifices (as well as covert abuse, manipulation and misogyny no one sees.)

Like a 'Corporate Cinderella', your boss takes all the glory while you do all the work. You're just a cog in their money-making machine. But you know there's more inside. A purpose. Gifts to share.

You're here to do something meaningful, even if you can't name it yet.

You're the real deal. But somewhere along the way, you started to loose your way.

You’d love to change but you don't dare… 

I know it's scary. Your family (and others) expects success. Old money, old rules. Step off the path and you're shunned. But their path is not yours.

You used to have dreams—writing, science, helping kids... But you tucked them away because they weren't "practical". Now you're left feeling empty and alone, acting out someone else's script

Let's uncover the story you were born to live. There's a wise, creative powerful soul ready to emerge. She just needs someone to help her get free to be true to her self.

"The bird of paradise flies to heaven on two wings...
One of them is self-effort.
The other is grace."

- Sufi Saying -

You got this far with self-effort. Maybe it's time to invite grace...

There's no fairy godmother coming. But you can find your way forward, if you're ready to shake things up and step into your power.

Hi! Good to meet you. I'm Andrew Wayfinder—a wannabe banker who found that 'success' wasn't the same as fulfilment... Or meaning... Or purpose...

Only by 'waking up' to my soul's calling was I able to cut through the noise and discover life on my own terms.

Now, I blend intuitive coaching, psychotherapy, shamanic healing and guidance to help searching souls on an unprecedented journey of self-discovery, empowerment and growth.

Feeling a little tingle? Good. Keep scrolling. 🌈

Your Soul Is Calling: Are You Listening?

That question—“Is this it?”—isn't your enemy.

It’s your inner guidance saying there’s more to life than shareholder value, your bank balance, or the annual Bali retreats.

Forget clawing up another rung on the corporate ladder.  Forget playing musical chairs with the C-suite crowd. 

The real game isn't power—it's purpose. 


Scraping for position and power is what happens when we lose sight of our true nature and higher purpose.

Your soul is reminding you that you're an immortal angelic soul in human form, here on Earth to be create, learn and grow in consciousness.

And, if you are anything like the men and women I work with, you are here to use your power and privilege to help create peace on earth.

You are here to learn from and move beyond the misuses and abuses of power. 

You are here to heal your relationship with power, wealth and privilege. 

You are here to awaken your soul’s innermost power and use it ethically and wisely.

The Laika shamans say:

“We are not here just to grow corn, 

we are here to grow gods.”

Think about it.

What would the world look like if people in positions of power, people like you, decided to grow 'gods' instead of stock options?

Your Next Chapter: This is Big

So, what's next? A transformative journey.

 I'm not talking about another yawn-worthy corporate retreat or some 10-step leadership snooze-fest.

This is about digging your hands, your heart, and your soul deep into your very existence. We’re unlocking doors you didn't even know existed, let alone had keys to.

You're not just gonna redefine success—you’re going to live it in a way that makes everyone sit up and say "I'll have what she's having"...

Because the world doesn't just need powerful leaders; it needs awakened souls.

Are You Ready?

The planet's on fire, literally and metaphorically. It’s time for you to step into the leader you were born (and reborn) to be—one who brings divine essence into the practical world. 

Your next chapter is just waiting to be written, and it's gonna be your best one yet.

Are you ready to step up, dig deep, and become the soul-awakened powerhouse you are destined to be?

Because the clock's ticking and your soul’s done waiting.

What Others Have Found

Nicola had her dream job—a top lectureship, leading a research team with millions in grants to solve big problems.

But the choices, demands and responsibilities were daunting, even crushing...

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A Fortune 500 exec, Alli was bullied and driven out of a job she loved.

She needed help to "get back on the horse" and keep going. Here's what happened...

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CJ was 35, a songwriter, his band’s lead singer, and a record producer in London.

But under his Uber-cool vibe, he was struggling, anxious, feeling lost and out of control...

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Devi, a London banker, is often too busy for regular sessions.

So we do distant healing and divination sessions instead (which are one of my favourite ways to help clients...)

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How You Got Here: A Script You Didn't Write

A ‘golden child’, your life was meticulously choreographed for excellence, success, accomplishments, and rewards.

Top schools... exclusive internships... the best equipment and coaches money could buy...

Every step was from a script you didn’t write. You were expected – it was your duty even – to have wealth and power as your birthright.


My Road Not Taken… (Why Me?)

Hi there, I’m Andrew Wayfinder—intuitive executive coach, psycho-therapist, shamanic guide.

And I get your soul's hunger for more—I've been there too.

I was supposed to be an investment banker. (Not what I really wanted to do—but it was what my parents and mentors thought was best for me.)

That path lasted 6 weeks into my first accounting course, when my soul said “I'm here to do something with my life… and this isn't it!” 


The Destiny Awakening Journey: Be the Ruler On Your Own Throne

The world needs more than powerful leaders; it needs awakened souls.

You've aced your career, but you're wondering, "Is this it?" 

Let me introduce you to the Destiny Awakening Journey—a blend of spiritual psychology, shamanic ritual and healing, and transformational alchemy designed to re-route your internal GPS straight to your soul's true north.

Cosmic Energy Quantum Healing:

20 Minutes To Supercharge Your Body, Mind and Spirit

In just 20 minutes, this healing meditation balances, supports and repairs all the systems in your body (blood, respiration, nerves, organs, immune, light grid, quantum field) to unlock maximum health and vitality.

My spirit helpers gave it to me in 2019, and I've shared it with clients ever since (with great results.)

It's simple, easy and powerful.

Just close your eyes, and let the energy and power of the cosmos do the work.

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