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Come home to your self.

What I do is what I believe.

And I believe many ‘highly successful’ people are struggling in secret and feel they can’t let people know it.

Are you ‘secretly struggling’ in your success?

The men and women I work with are open-minded, searching, adventurous, brilliant, determined, gentle, enthusiastic and creative.

Above all, they want to leave the world a better place because they were in it.

However, their very strengths can create weaknesses that hold them back — but they don’t feel they can admit to, or get help with.

A willingness to ‘do it all’, and a desire to help everyone can leave them overwhelmed by choices and demands…

A creative and gentle nature allows bad behavior to slide… which invites bullying and even abuse…

Behind a confident, polished persona thoughts like “I don’t belong” or “I’m not good enough” and feeling unloved and unsupported blocks their deepest instincts and desires.

The way we work together is simple.

We talk. You reconnect with your power and your vision. And your life transforms.

What happens in a session, and why it happens, is ultimately a mystery.

I can’t promise you anything — except that you are connected to much more power than you can possibly imagine.

And that you are here to do… to be… to learn… and to create in ways that only you can do.

And the world needs you to be you.

To discover if this way is for you, book a ‘Deep Dive Awakening session.

It’s intense. It’s real. It’s deep. And it’s free.

For some people, this one conversation changes their life and it’s all they need.

For other people, this conversation changes their life. And… they want more.

Either way, our time together is my gift to you.

But be aware — connecting to your power and vision is like lassoing a whale. There is no turning back…

Step into the power and the grace of living your own deep life.


Nicola ‘had it all…’ (really) and wanted to quit.

‘CJ’s life was killing him. He had to change.

Hollie was trapped by fear and heart-break…

“If you want real transformation… go see Andrew.”

An uplifting, magical and healing experience. It frees your soul on every level. Thank you Andrew.

Sinead O’Reilly
Executive, London

“My progress has been staggering. Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep. Thanks Andrew for such a transformative process.”

Lexie Octavia
Model & Yoga Teacher, London & Melbourne

“Andrew guides you deep in your subconscious. You’ll gain a great insight into how to move forwards, and clear what’s ready to let go.”

Carmen O.
Executive, London

“A gifted guide who asks the right questions… the insights (are) hugely significant and potent.”

Tai Hubbert
Talent Development & Management, Seattle


Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist.)

Andrew is a deep coach and spirit healer. He is the creator of the ‘Deep Mind’ Mentoring program, the Wayfinder Destiny Intensive, and author of the how-to guide and spiritual adventure story ‘Free Your Soul’.


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