Who Do You Want To Become?

Do you say…

If you’re reading this you’ve probably been successful in the past even though hurts and doubts you didn’t want others to see have kept you from flying as high as you know you should.

You’re a visionary thinker. You see the big picture… and what’s really going on below the surface… and what really needs to be done. And you’re driven be the belief there’s always a better, fairer, wiser way to go forwards.

You feel deeply and instinctively that we’re all connected. And that you’re here to create a better world. A world where we all can live in peace, balance and harmony.

And the dark side of that is you can be paralysed by the possibilities. By all the ways you could go. And by everything you know and see. Even though you usually know the best way to go, your doubts and hurts can keep you hiding in the shadows where you don’t always speak up or push your ideas forwards.

And, because you’re generous, hard-working and caring, you’re shocked and hurt when people are selfish, narrow-minded, egotistical or manipulative.

If this feels like you, read on…

What I do is what I believe.

And what I believe is that we all have a unique destiny in life.

That we’re here to make a better world. For ourselves, for the people we love, for all of creation. And to have an amazing time doing it.

My name is Andrew. I’ve got a track record of seeing the truth in people and places and setting it free. I’ve followed my inner vision and gifts through 3 careers (architect, psychotherapist and shaman) always seeking to create more beauty, more connection, more hope, and more happiness.

And I’m an expert at unlocking your true nature and gifts to serve the world.

If you’re ready to transform your life, your career or business, or to live at a higher level, you and I should have a conversation.

Success stories

“I’m getting more done, with less effort,

in a way that feels right for me…”

– Nicola B. PhD, London.

"My progress has been staggering. Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep. Thanks for such a transformative process.”

Lexie Octavia Model & Yoga Teacher, London & Melbourne

“Discover things you wouldn’t dream of...  amazing, mind opening experiences. Andrew's calm, inviting nature allows you to go at your own pace.”

Bruce H., Startup Founder, London & Dublin

“A beautiful soul. Andrew works from the heart in a professional caring manner. I recommend him to others who are ready to do some very deep work.”

Tonia W., Executive, London

“A gifted guide who asks the right questions... the insights are hugely significant and potent.”

Tai Hubbert Talent Development & Management, Seattle

Create a life and a career you love!



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